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Hadar Sobol

Hadar Sobol earned her Bachelor of Design, Textile Design with excellence in 1997 from The Israeli University for Fashion and Textile Design, Tel Aviv. Sobol was the Associate Designer and Producer with Rakefet Levi, the most prominent Performance Art Designer in Israel. Sobol has recently attended life drawing and mix media classes at Collin County Community College (Spring Creek) and Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas. She has received numerous awards from juried exhibitions in the Dallas area. 

The Bachelor of Design from The Israeli University for Fashion and Textile Design has prepared her for working in the delicate craft of embroidery. Sobol’s immersive installation combines video art and embroidery on vintage linen and paper. The use of embroidery and linen deliberately references traditional female roles. Sobol strives to achieve a full range of expression by shifting the decorative, delicate and “proper” traditional technique of embroidery towards the expressive, spontaneous and even impulsive edge. The attempt to use this medium out of its traditional context symbolizes the conflicts defining a modern woman’s life. Using imagery of female figures and religious symbols, Sobol draws spiritual and visual inspiration from Torah Wimples used in the religious ceremony of bar/bat mitzvahs. Sobol uses her fascination with the Eastern European cloth wimple to comment on family, religion, nationality and femininity.

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