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Brooks Gist

Brooks Gist is an artist living and working in Salado, Texas where he has his art studio and he along with his wife keeps their horses.  He has been a prominent welder for most of his life which is evident in his brilliantly crafted metal sculptures that are embellished with glass and other materials.  Gist is also a talented painter, reflecting the regional area of Texas he grew up in and knows so well. The untamed style of his works could be described as Art Brut or “Raw Art.”  Many of his works deal with the dichotomy of the human condition, expressing the earthly plain that exists between heaven and hell.  The vibrant color and imagery of his art captures the playful and dream-like nature of the human spirit.

Brooks Gist on his work: “Everyone creates, I make things because it’s fun. I love the ridiculous. I love the process. To me the end piece can never be as beautiful as the process.”

Gist studied art at Southwest Texas State.  He also taught at Texas State Technical College.

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